At Exeter, welfare is a comprehensive system made up of numerous individuals throughout the college, all aiming to ensure that every student can get the full experience of their time at Exeter. At the helm are Andrew, the Chaplain who doubles as the Welfare Coordinator, and Helen, the College Nurse who also serves as the Welfare Officer. They, alongside a team of trained student peers, form a multifaceted support network designed to cater to the diverse needs of Exeter students, no matter what challenges they may be encountering.

Andrew and Helen are particularly beneficial resources. They are well-positioned to offer advice on the most appropriate support avenues, and, more immediately, they provide a sympathetic ear. They can assist with a broad range of issues and concerns, including anxiety, adjusting to life in Oxford, sexual orientation, gender, resilience, and many others.

Welfare Tea

Every Wednesday, the welfare reps host a ‘welfare tea’ in the JCR. This is a fantastic opportunity to take a break midweek and catch up with friends from across the college.

Welfare Week

“Welfare weeks” at Exeter are a special initiative hosted in the 5th week of each term, designed to counter the commonly referred to “5th week blues,” a period often marked by heightened stress at the midpoint of term. The welfare team during this week hosts an array of activities and events aimed at fostering a sense of community and lightening the load of a busy Oxford term.

Students can look forward to special events like pidge packs (chocolates in your college letterbox), quiz nights in the bar, movie nights, and a larger welfare tea. Unique events also take place, such as a pottery painting workshops and massages. These all contribute to the overall aim of creating a supportive and communal atmosphere during this challenging point in the term.

Welfare Supplies

The welfare team also supply free welfare supplies to the JCR. These include condoms of varying sizes, dental dams and more. In addition to the various forms of protection that the welfare team provide, the Womxn’s rep also can help with the provision of period products, and the provision / reimbursement of pregnancy tests and emergency contraception.

College Parenting

College parenting is a system where second year students ‘adopt’ freshers when they get here! College parents will take their fresher children out to brunch, cook homemade dinner for them and answer all their questions!! This is great in making freshers feel at home early on, and in ensuring inter-year bonding.

The Welfare Handbook

For more in-depth welfare information, please find below the Welfare Handbook, updated annually by the JCR’s Vice President for Welfare!