Sports & Clubs

This year, Ava is the JCR Officer in charge of sports, known to us as the ‘Amalgas Officer‘ (short for ‘Amalgamated Sports’). She is the point of contact between all the team captains at Exeter and the JCR, and is there to help you join a team! Drop her a message and she’ll definitely help you.

You can learn more about the ins and outs of sport at Exeter on the college website!

JCR Sports Teams

If any of these appeal, please drop Ava a message to take part! Or, if you love a sport that you don’t see here, feel free to set one up!

Exeter College Boat Club: learn more about rowing at Exeter on the official website, here.

  • Boat Club: Ruby Rowlands (President), Emilia Perry-Poletti (Women’s Captain), David Turner (Men’s Captain)

Netball: follow our official Exeter College Netball Club Instagram here!

  • Captain: Ava Milne

Football: keep up to date with Exeter College Association Football on Instagram here.

  • Captain (Men’s 1st):          Hamish McCorriston and Tanay Mukherjee
  • Captain (Men’s 2nd):        Matt Holland
  • Captain (Women’s):          Emily Williams and Eve Campbell


  • Captain: Joel Robb



  • Captain: Stanley Upton

Rugby: keep up to date with the Exeter College Rugby Football Club here!

  • Men’s Captain:                     Ramsay Davis
  • Women’s Captain:               Abigail Harper

Ice Hockey


  • Captain:                              William Bidwell


  • Captain:                               Andrew Griffiths



  • Captain: Tom Sheridan


  • Captain: Katie Saunders