Important Documents

There are lots of documents you may find yourself looking for over your time as a part of the Exeter JCR, from the constitution of our society to the Red Book and Green Guide.

Hopefully this page will make it easy for you, as we’ve helpfully put them all in one place for you to find and read!

Guide to JCR Motions

If you want to change something about life at Exeter, request funding for something you’re up to, or show support for a wider movement, you can! Simply follow this guide and you can submit your motion at our General Meetings, held every two weeks in the JCR (P.S. there are also free cookies at these meetings).

The JCR Constitution

The constitution of the JCR (or the Stapeldon Society) dictates and explains how the JCR runs. It’s a long document, put together over many years, so can be quite confusing – but it explains all the formalities and rules that underline the how the Junior Common Room works.

Thanks to the constitution, we can hold everyone (officers and members) to the high standards expected of the Exeter JCR and ensure that everything is running smoothly!

Definitely give it a read – it starts to get interesting on page 6, I promise.

(P.S. We update the constitution all the time, as students vote to make constitutional amendments to change or add something, but this version is accurate as of June 2023)

The Green Guide

The Green Guide is an exceptionally useful resource for all of us, especially freshers, as it tells us how college is run, how exams work, what academic dress is, how to go about booking rooms in college, how to access the music room – etc etc.

If you ever have a question about anything Exeter or Oxford-related, the chances are the answer will be in here (so give it a read!).

The Red Book

The Red Book contains all the rules you need to know to live a stress-free life at Exeter. The rules affect all of us and exist to ensure we can have a good time without damaging property, disrespecting staff, etc – not that you’d do any of that anyway. Definitely give it a thorough read!

Welfare Handbook

You can find this one in the Support: Welfare section of this website, but we thought we’d include it again just to be safe as your welfare is the most important thing to us during your time at university.

Soon to be updated!