Music, Art and Drama Events

Aside from hosting multiple college BOPs (big organised parties) each term, Exeter is also home to a thriving Arts scene which sees a variety of related events held throughout the year. Some notable mentions include welfare pottery painting, Freshers Drama Cuppers and the ever popular Live Music/Karaoke Nights.

Each year, the JCR elects a designated music, arts and drama representative (known as the MAD Rep). This year our MAD Rep is Will (! Like with all roles on the committee, any member of the JCR can run for this position. The elected MAD Rep is consequently responsible for overseeing and organising all Arts-related activity throughout college.

Every year in Hilary, Exeter collaborates with the other Turl Street colleges (Jesus and Lincoln) to host the Turl Street Arts Festival (TSAF), which not only organises a variety of creative workshops, but also spotlights various artists and charities in Oxford.

Since its formation in the 2022-23 academic year, Exeter’s very own house band, the ‘Ex Pistols’, have performed at several events both in and outside of college, collaborating with Lincoln, Jesus and St. John’s colleges regularly. Open to all students of any ability, the Ex Pistols are always looking for new members to join in on their jam sessions in Exeter’s music room (located in the basement by staircase 14 on the Turl Street site)!

Live Music night with our friends on Turl Street, in the Jesus College Bar. Photo credit: Emma Little

Attempts at performing Shakespeare in the Exeter Hall earlier this year. Photo credit: Emma Little

The Exeter band the Ex Pistols performing in the Mad Hatter earlier this year in the Oxford-wide Battle of the Bands. Photo credit: Emma Little