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Exeter College is home to around 330 undergraduate students and 190 graduate students. At the heart of the city of Oxford, we can be found drinking coffee, working in the marquee, or procrastinating.

Our Junior Common Room is led by a committee, elected each year to listen to (and try to solve) the student body’s problems.

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The Junior Common Room, the JCR, is Oxford short-hand for both the student committee that looks after the undergraduate population and for the physical common room, found between Staircases 5 & 6. 


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Our JCR Committee

Below are four members of our JCR Committee, elected by the student body to help in the running of the Junior Common Room. If you have any questions or concerns about life at Exeter, feel free to email any one of them!

Freddie Crichton-Miller


Rhiannon Procktor

rhiannon.procktor @exeter.ox.ac.uk

Mara Harris

mara.harris @exeter.ox.ac.uk

Tanay Mukherjee

tanay.mukherjee @exeter.ox.ac.uk