There are many different ways we can seek academic support at Exeter. There are Subject Reps, College Parents, the JCR Academic Affairs Officer, Eve, your tutors, the Undergraduate Adviser Panel, and your coursemates, as well as many events put on by college and the university to help you in your studies.

Subject Reps are current undergraduates at Exeter who are available to answer questions about your specific course, including (but not limited to!) vacation work, classes, tutorial, essays, and problem sheets. They will also be taking you to any faculty building of library tours during Freshers’ Week, but in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact any of them with any queries. Remember: they were also freshers last year, so don’t feel silly for asking them lots of questions! This place is designed so that students pass on advice and information each year—please make use of that opportunity! Subject Reps are particularly pertinent for those very few of you whose College parent doesn’t study your subject.

Your College Parents are a great source of information and help throughout your studies. Whether you want to know which module to take, which essay to write, or which tutor to never be late for, they can help you.

Eve, the JCR Academic Affairs Officer, is your point of call if you have any Academic issues, acting as a go-between with the Academic Office, the Access and Outreach Officers, as well as others in college.

Your tutors are there to look out for you. It might not always feel like it, but if you are struggling with an essay, a deadline or something that isn’t even related to academics, your tutor will help you. Just drop them an email and let them know how you are doing, and they will help you get the support you need – whether that is a 24 hour essay extension or something more specific.

The Undergraduate Adviser Panel is made up of tutors and is available for you to consult about academic or personal matters. Read more about this type of academic support on the main college website, here.

Your coursemates can be useful, but mostly they can be intimidating. Remember that you have earned your place here through a rigorous system of interviews and exams, so don’t compare yourself unnecessarily to anyone else.

The Exeter JCR Guide to Academic Life at Oxford 2023-2024

This guide to academic life has been put together by Eve, our Academic Affairs Officer, with the help of every single subject representative at Exeter!

Whether you’re a fresher, a prospective student, or a current student, make sure to give this document a read!