Exeter Equalities

Everyone should be able to make Exeter their home. That’s why the JCR has a sub-committee dedicated to challenging inequality in our college, made up of our Class Officers, our BAME Officer, our Womxn’s Officer, and our LGBTQ+ Officer.

Class at Exeter

Nat and Havana, our class reps, have this to say about life at Exeter:

Life at Oxford for us involves lots of socialising with friends, doing some societies like rowing – we both got blades last year yay! (click here to find out what that means) – or playing the flute for Havana and taking part in climate society for Nat, not to mention the inevitable uni work.

Class act is super important to make sure that everyone’s experience at Oxford is not affected by class or background. We are trying to break down the stereotypes of Oxford’s past to create an exciting inclusive space for students regardless of class. Join our Facebook group here!

Havana & Nat: class@exeterjcr.org

BAME at Exeter

Anuj, our BAME Officer, has this to say about life at Oxford:

Coming to Oxford from a Black, Asian, or Minority Ethnic background can be a daunting journey, and so my role within college is to ensure that BAME students have a familiar space within college. I am also the person to speak to if you experience any form of racial discrimination or bullying. Of course, I cannot speak for the diverse identities clustered under the BAME umbrella, but my aim is to make sure Exeter is a welcoming and friendly place for all. Keep an eye out on the Exeter JCR FB Group for the invite link to our BAME group, or get in touch with me at <bme@exeterjcr.org>.

Anuj: bme@exeterjcr.org

Womxn at Exeter

Luisa, our Womxn’s Officer, has this to say about life at Oxford:

Exeter has put in so much effort to make sure it’s a super welcoming and happy space for womxn! Call me biased, but I truly believe it’s one of the best colleges for this. ?

As your womxn’s rep, I’m all about keeping our college policies inclusive and lobbying for any issues that come up. Our JCR budget is really generous, allowing us to provide free period supplies and condoms.I can also reimburse any pregnancy tests or emergency contraception.

Exeter is part of the SU-wide ‘It happens here’ programme, and I’m proudly repping our college in it. We’re all about creating a safe environment and standing up against sexual assault. We are really lucky to have such a great support network too, with a brilliant welfare team.

Don’t forget there are plenty of uni-wide womxn’s societies to get involved with! I’m also the college rep for women in law, and it’s a fantastic chance to help women build networks and level the playing field for us. Stay tuned on the JCR page for a link to our group!

Luisa: women@exeterjcr.org  

LGBTQ+ at Exeter

Finn, our LGBTQ+ Officer, has this to say about life at Oxford:

We have a really great LGBTQ+ community both at Oxford as a whole and Exeter College. The uni-wide LGBTQ+ society offers so many great events for members of the community, from the weekly Tuesgays drinks event hosted at a different college every week, to more specific intersectional events such as Asexual and Non-Binary Tea!

At Exeter, I am the LGBTQ+ Officer of the JCR! I will aim to organise plenty of events for the community in college, alongside being your point of contact for all matters LGBTQ+, whether that be issues, complaints, or just needing someone to talk to.

We also have an (unlimited!) Gender Expression Fund in the JCR budget which can be used to refund members of college for any kind of purchases that are made as part of expressing your gender identity, from things like binders and packers to haircuts or makeup.

Finn: LGBTQ@exeterjcr.org