What is the JCR?

The JCR (Junior Common Room) refers both to the physical room in college and also the undergraduate student body, which is run like a mini student union. We have a committee who are elected by the JCR members to represent their issues to college, sit on committees, manage the budget, arrange events and send you lots of messages.

Meetings: Fortnightly, Tuesdays of even-numbered weeks in term, 5pm in the JCR. Everyone is welcome! (We also have free cookies for you, but we do take requests for snacks)

Elections: Half of the JCR committee is elected at the end of Michaelmas Term; the other half is elected at the end of Trinity Term.

What is the committee?

The 2024 committee is made up of twenty-seven officers, ranging from a president to the person in charge of Exeter’s music, arts and drama scene!

The committee also meets fortnightly, on Tuesdays of odd-numbered weeks, to discuss events, concerns, and future plans!

The committee:

You can always reach out to the committee if you have any questions or worries about life at Exeter. We’re always available to help.

If you have a specific question, try to reach out to the officer who you think might be able to help you the most. Otherwise, try the President or any of the Vice Presidents!

You can email the committee below, but remember that you can always DM our Instagram page (@exeterjcr) and Azka – our Social Media Officer – will reply!

The President: Kate, president@exeterjcr.org  

The Vice President (Secretary): Amber, secretary@exeterjcr.org  

The Vice President for Welfare: tbc, vpwelf@exeterjcr.org     

The Vice President for Events & Activities: Emma, vpentz@exeterjcr.org

The Treasurer: Ruby, treasurer@exeterjcr.org                 

The Domestic and Accommodations Officer: Ferne, domestic@exeterjcr.org

The Catering Officer: Faith, catering@exeterjcr.org

The Environment and Ethics Officer: Kiera, ee@exeterjcr.org   

The International Students Officer: Hannah, international@exeterjcr.org

The Social Media Officer: Azka, communication@exeterjcr.org                   

The Academic Affairs Officer: Eve, AcAff@exeterjcr.org                            

The Amalgas Officer: Ava, sports@exeterjcr.org                                      

The Entertainments Officers: Holly, Cosima, Maisie, Giorgi, entz@exeterjcr.org

The Music, Arts, and Drama Officer: Will, MAD@exeterjcr.org 

The Charities Officer: Emily, charities@exeterjcr.org

The Welfare Officer (Female): Maya, female.welfare@exeterjcr.org        

The Welfare Officer (Male): Matt, male.welfare@exeterjcr.org             

The Mental Health and Disabilities Officer: Phoebe, mhdis@exeterjcr.org

The Access and Admissions Officer: Jacob, access@exeterjcr.org          

The Womxn’s Officers: Luisa, women@exeterjcr.org                                 

The LGBTQ Officers: Finn, LGBTQ@exeterjcr.org             

The BAME Officer: Anuj, bme@exeterjcr.org                   

The Class Officers: Havana, Nat, class@exeterjcr.org

The Faith Officer: Naima, faith@exeterjcr.org