Accommodation is inevitably an integral part of college life, so this page will hopefully help you navigate the complex world of Turl Street, Cohen Quad, and the Exeter Friendship Houses. For more information, check out the college website page on accommodation.

At Exeter, you get three years of accommodation guaranteed. This means that you can have a college room for three years of undergraduate study, which is pretty good as things go.

Ferne is the Domestic and Accommodation Officer for the JCR, and she interacts with college on matters of accommodation. Ferne is one of your points of contact, should anything go wrong with your room.

Michaela is the Accommodation Manager at Exeter, and so you can email her with any questions you have. You can find her on the key contacts page of the college website. If you want to move into your room earlier than the start date of term, drop her an email!

If something is broken in your room, such as your radiator, drop an email to the Exeter College Building Maintenance Team (