College holds loads of great events over the course of the year: BOPs, open mic nghts, themed second halls, Christmas dinner and end of term drinks to name but a few. We have a team of four Entz reps who have been hand-picked for their party skills and aptitude for fun


On the Saturday of Freshers’ Week (0th week) you will be introduced to possibly the best thing about Exeter, BOPs. Other colleges have them, but none like us. A BOP is a fancy dress party that happens in college every couple of weeks. The music is provided by aspiring College DJs so if you want to have a go behind the decks at some stage in your time at uni, you can.


Entz will sell tickets for club nights throughout the year, and will try and shepherd us all to the best venue on the best night. They organise other events throughout the year, so you’re sure to see a fair amount of them. Although you will have to work at Oxford (no surprises there I’m afraid), there is still plenty of time to enjoy going out and socialising, whether it’s popping into the bar or a night out on the town. It’s very possible to manage work well and get out during the week, as well as doing extra-curricular activities (more later). We are students, after all!