Outreach and Communication


Hello, I’m Gwynfor, a 2nd year Earth Scientist, and I’m the outreach and communication officer for the JCR.

I’m responsible for the JCR’s external communications, as well as representing the JCR to the SU. I’m also functioning as an ad-hoc website officer at the moment.

This academic year my priorities are

  1. Working with the Access and Admissions Officer on a new Alternative Prospectus, written by Exeter College students.
  2. Updating the JCR website so that it’s actually up to date (this is a work in progress, forgive me).
  3. Representing the JCR’s opinion to the Oxford SU’s Student Council, I send out fortnightly surveys to find out what the JCR thinks.

Contact Gwynfor here

Progress on the website

  • w/c 17/12/2018 – bit of trimming, notices placed that things aren’t up to date, Facebook page launched, JCR officer profiles being launched