Editing the site

Screenshot of the login pagePeople who have been given accounts can and are encouraged to edit the content of the site, and in particular exec members should sort out pages within their domain. This is a fairly easy process which doesn’t need any special programming knowledge.

First, log into the admin area here.







PostsPagesLinksNext, decide whether to make a Post or a Page. Generally speaking, make a post for news type things, and a page for things that will remain relevant in the future. Click on either Posts or Pages.

If you want to edit a previously created post or page, find it in the list and click on it.
Otherwise, click Add New.




You can now start work on the content you want to add to the site. For posts, there are four things you must do, though feel free to explore the other options. PostExample

  1. Specify your title
  2. Write the content.
  3. Add at least one relevant tag.
  4. Click publish.

Sadly (or fortunately for those who think it looks rather garish), the actual page isn’t colour coded like this.



For pages, the process is similar but there’s no need to tag anything. Remember to save your draft every so often, in case your computer runs out of power or otherwise starts misbehaving .

The visual editor is normally good for whatever you’ll want to do. Of course if you know HTML, you’re welcome to use it to fine tune the look and feel of your page. Just click on the Text tab to access it.

If you see any code on pages you don’t understand, feel free to ask for help but please don’t just get rid of it! In particular, don’t remove code in square brackets such as [posts-for-page tag_slug….

With that, have fun, mess around, try not to break things beyond the point where we can fix them, and let’s make ourselves a great website.

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