Access and Academic

The Access and Academic Affairs JCR Officer is [redacted]

Radcliffe Camera from Fellows' Garden

 Hi everyone! I’m your Access and Academic Affairs Officer. My job involves two main parts:
  1. I’m here to help out with your Academic Affairs, so if you have any problems with work or the way you are being taught, you can contact me. I can advise you and put you in contact with the people who are best suited to help.  I also help to organise Academic Feedback Sessions for each subject, and sit on Library Committee on behalf of the JCR.
  2. I also work with the Schools Liaison Officer in College to find volunteers for Access events such as school visits and Taster Days.  If you want to be more involved with this then please come and talk to me, or drop me an email, and definitely consider applying to be part of the College Ambassador team (applications run at the end of Michaelmas). You could also apply to be a student helper for the Admissions interviews in December.

Recent changes we have made include updates and improvements to the college’s Collections Policy, Intermission Policy, and the introduction of a Finals Forum to give third years strategies to cope with the academic challenges of their exams.

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