Welcome to the Junior Common Room (JCR) of Exeter College, Oxford, also known as the Stapledon Society.

Exeter College JCR

The JCR is two things: the undergraduate student body of College, and the physical common room on the college site. All undergraduate members of the college (including visiting students) are automatically members of the JCR, protected and empowered by our Constitution. We organise social eventssports teamschoirs, playscharity work, and campaigns (mainly for equalities). The JCR also represents undergraduate Exonians and their interests to College and the University, such as opposing expensive rent and exorbitant catering charges.

Much of this work is overseen by the JCR Executive, which comprises of a dedicated team of officers led by the JCR President. Officers are elected throughout the year according to the Constitution. Any member can run for a position and is entitled to vote. JCR meetings normally occur every other Sunday during term in the JCR where submitted motions are debated then passed or rejected.

The physical enclosure on the ground floor between staircases 5 and 6 is the JCR. The JCR kitchen contains various devices which can be used to perform activities resembling cooking. Vending machines dispense light foodstuffs, hot beverages and cold drinks. A water fountain is also provided to quench thirst. Sofas and other objects designed to take the weight off your feet are conveniently placed by tables and strategic viewpoints for the Sky-enabled television. Noticeboards are normally happy to have posters and flyers pinned to them.

We hope to deliver information about the JCR to you in the most transparent and effective way, from applying to graduating, from the permanent to the transitory. Further functionality to enhance JCR operations are continually being explored, including possible improved systems of conducting elections and the housing ballot. We value your feedback and suggestions about the website immensely – please do get in touch with the President or any member of the website committee with any comments.

The Website
 This is the second iteration (version 2.0) of the Exeter College JCR Website. Ed Nickell, the current (2013) JCR President, revived the website in Michaelmas 2013 after the previous version was left stagnant since 2011. The website is now being actively developed and maintained by a team of website officers. We use the WordPress content management system (CMS) with a custom theme based off the work of Pinboard

The Logo
 With the version 2.0 revival of the JCR website, we wanted a modern graphic to represent our identity that was easily recognisable, scalable and visually strong enough to stand on its own. The current logo was designed by Jesse Liu in October 2013, selecting the open source Montserrat typeface in both bold and normal weights for the text. After exploring different colour options for the square, we settled on college maroon, which we chose as RGB (120,33,33) or in HEX #782121. Vector (SVG) Logo and High resolution Raster (PNG) Logo available here. 

 Everything expressed within the domains of this website are the views of the JCR and in no way reflect or represent those of the College, whose official website can be found here