Your Exec

Normally it is best to contact members of the JCR Exec by e-mail; however, in case you have a time-critical query, the porters have a list of contact numbers.

NOTE: If you have a careers related notice you wish to be sent to the JCR, you must address it to , otherwise it will be disregarded.

Any other notices must be addressed to the JCR Secretary at and not to the President. Please add the tag “[bulletin]” to the subject line of your e-mail.

Any notices sent to the President will be disregarded.

The Committee(s)

Exeter’s JCR is organised into three sub-committees. These are Operations, Events & Activities, and Welfare & Equal Opportunities.

Name Role Email
Edward Robertson President
Operations Sub-Committee
Tabitha Thornton-Swan VP Secretary (chair) 
Katherine Dale Domestic and Accommodation
Bethany Sheppard Environment and Ethics
Emma Belletti International Students
Gwynfor Morgan Outreach and Communication
Joe Zhang Catering
Katie Davies Academic Affairs
Isaac Channon Treasurer
Events and Activities Sub-Committee
Kirsten Lee VP Events and Activities (Chair)
Rhys Hopkins Amalgas*
Charlie Ford Entz
Hannah Foley
Abby McCann
Henriette Topel
Joshua Clarke Music, Arts, Drama
Unoccupied Charities (Unoccupied, contact secretary)
Hannah Taylor Tortoise Guardian
Welfare and Equal Opportunities Sub-Committee
Rachel Tudor VP Welfare and Equal Opportunities (Chair)
Joanna Gregory Welfare (Female)
William Dobbs Welfare (Male)
Tess Hovil Women’s
Ryan Sweeney Mental Health & Disability
Alice Wilson LGBTQ+
Robbie Waddell
April Gilling Class
Ammaarah Subjally
BME officer
Caitlin Benham Access & Admissions

* Amalgas is our weird word for sports officer.

Other Useful Contacts

Role Name E-mail
Returning Officers Celeste McGinley

Francesco Galvaneto

Head Freshers’ Rep  Yasmine Copley
Ball President Henriette Topel
Senior Organ Scholar James Short
Website Officer
IT Officer


The current exec are providing short bios to introduce themselves. Click on their Roles to see them.