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Normally it is best to contact members of the JCR Exec by e-mail; however, in case you have a time-critical query, the porters have a list of contact numbers.

NOTE: If you have a careers related notice you wish to be sent to the JCR, you must address it to , otherwise it will be disregarded.

Any other notices must be addressed to the JCR Secretary at and not to the President. Please add the tag “[bulletin]” to the subject line of your e-mail.

Any notices sent to the President will be disregarded.

Role Name E-mail
President Daniel Smith
Treasurer Jack Searle
Secretary Ellie Milne-Brown
Domestic & Accommodation Avanish Parmessur
Charities (RAG) Aniruddha Voruganti
Equalities Oluwatobi Olaitan
Male Welfare George Oyebode
Female Welfare Kyra Birkett
Environment & Ethics Charlotte Dibb
Entz Sabrina Ruia
Entz Flora Leadley
Entz George Shaw
Entz George Steijger
Amalgas Caitlin Rigler
Access & Academic Naomi Packer
Music, Arts, and Drama (MAD) Natacha Lee
Catering Officer Noah Alfert
OUSU Rep Laura Pole
LGBTQ Rep Johanna Moiseiwitsch
LGBTQ Rep Matthew Bonmarito
Disabilities Rep Grace Tully
Women’s Rep Bea Alabaster
International Rep Kimberley Chiu

Other Useful Contacts

Role Name E-mail
Returning Officer David Coates
Head Freshers’ Rep Sally Croysdale
Ball President Sabrina Ruia
Senior Organ Scholar Bartosz Thiede
Website Officer
IT Officer

You can view some past members of the exec here.

Current exec members introduce themselves:

President, Daniel Smith


Hi! My name is Dan, and I’m your JCR President. I’m a 2nd year Law student at Exeter College. My role as JCR President is firstly to represent your views to the college, looking at what we can do to make everyone’s lives easier and better. I also help the rest of the JCR exec with their plans and co-ordinate between them, you and college.
I’m excited to look at how we can have greater involvement in the JCR exec and how we maximise our roles to better serve the community.
Have a look around our website – we’ll be updating throughout the year with information for current and prospective students alike.
I’m happy to chat about any questions or problems you have. Do send me a message or an email and I’ll see what I can do to help!

Treasurer,  Jack Searle



Hi, I’m Jack Searle, a third-year chemist and Exeter’s current JCR Treasurer.

As Treasurer, my role is two-fold. Primarily, I am there to act as a safe pair of hands in managing the JCR’s accounts. Secondly, I am there to liaise with the college in matters that are financially important to Exeter’s students. This could be anything, from the rise of room rent to the price of coffee in the JCR.

This year, I’ll be looking to continue the great work of previous treasurers in getting the JCR to go paperless. Currently all monetary transactions are done electronically but the reimbursement system is still paper-based. There is also a lot of work to be done in terms of budgeting to make sure we spend within our means, which has emerged as an issue in the past year. This is just a case of creating a culture of prioritised spending, so that we can continue the JCR’s valuable charitable efforts, whilst being able to spend money on individual motions that improve Exeter students’ lives.

Please feel free to email me about anything financially related.

Secretary, Ellie Milne-Brown


Hi! I’m Ellie (she/her), and I’m studying English. I’ll be your Secretary next year, and I’m really looking forward to the chance to work for the college. I want to make the college as accessible to everyone as possible, and make sure that everyone knows what’s going on with the JCR.

I’m looking to carry on the great work of secretaries before me to make the JCR run as well as it possibly can, and if you’ve got any issues or queries don’t hesitate to get in touch – I want to hear from you!

Charities, Aniruddha Voruganti

Hi! I’m Ani, a second year medic and international student (from India :P). For the past few years, I’ve been involved in a lot of social work for students in India, especially those who are from less fortunate socioeconomic backgrounds. Through my experience of founding an NGO (Towards A Green Education:,, I’ve learnt that social work can be extremely fun, and that it is anything but a one-way street where there is a clearly defined giver and receiver, but rather a extremely rewarding two-way learning process that has the potential to change lives.
I want to share this with everyone at Exeter! My aim is to involve as many people as possible in social work and perhaps make a difference to a few people’s lives 🙂 Charity is FUN!

Equalities, Tobi Olaitan

Tobi JCR photo

Hi, I’m Tobi, a second year Biochemist, and I’ll be this year’s Equalities officer. My role is to liaison with the JCR committee such as the LGBTQ reps, BME rep, Disabilities rep, Womens’ rep and Access officer, providing additional support, as well as making sure to coordinate causes of actions as a team to increase the inclusivity of our college and to make the Exeter experience a friendly and enjoyable one. University is tough and can be quite daunting, hence the JCR committee are put in place so that we can use our experiences to make your time here even better than ours was. So if you’d like a quick chat or have any questions, definitely feel free to give me a shout!

Welfare Officers, George Oyebode and Kyra Birkett

George JCR photo

Hi I’m George, a second year classicist. I hope to offer everyone a friendly face around college who you can approach with a problem or even for a nice catch up. Kyra and I will work together as welfare reps to make Exeter a welcoming and happy environment and will also be putting on weekly teas and other welfare events during the year. If you have something you want to chat about then please approach either of us! Welfare love xoxo

Kyra JCR photo

Hi! I’m Kyra and I’m a second year Chemist. As your welfare rep, my aim is to be a friendly face around college, someone that people can talk to if they’re having any problems. George and I are also planning some events to enhance the welfare of the college as well as the all-important welfare tea! Welfare love xoxo

Entz, Sabrina Ruia, George Steijger, George Shaw, and Flora Leadley

Entz JCR photo

Hi !! We are George (Shaw), George (Steijger), Sabrina and Flo and together we are your JCR Entz Reps (Entertainment Officers). Throughout the year we’re responsible for organising BOPs, promoting club nights and putting on all the events we can to ensure that college life has something fun for everyone!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of us if you have any ideas or events you want to organise/ promote- we would be more than happy to help. Fun at Exeter isn’t limited to clubbing/partying so we are always open to hear new ideas about how you want college entertainment to be promoted

Environment & Ethics, Charlotte Dibb

Hi, I’m Charlotte, a current third year reading chemistry. As Environment and Ethics (E&E) officer, my main role is to promote all things green in and around college. I work with OUSU and NUS to raise awareness on environmental issues, and any events or discussions going on around Oxford.
This year I am focussing primarily on the distance our food travels to get to our plates. Oxfordshire is full of excellent British farms, and I want to ensure Exeter is sourcing as much of our produce as locally as we can. I am also looking at the way we recycle as a college, making it as easy and accessible as I can, and really drive down our carbon footprint!
I have already successfully purchased new drying racks for the college laundry room, meaning less requirement on the not very eco-friendly dryers, and my term hasn’t even started yet!
Any questions or ideas you wish to put forward, please feel free to email me!

Amalgas, Caitlin Rigler

Hi my name is Caitlin, a first year medic, and I’m your amalgas officer for this year! Amalgas refers to the collective sports clubs at Exeter, which certainly have their fair share of success, despite our small size!
My role is to ensure that everyone can pursue college sport to the best of their ability, whether that be by arranging funding, ensuring access to facilities or even facilitating the set up of new clubs! As a hockey player for the university, I’m also in a good position to answer any questions about, and help you get involved with, university level sport.
Sport, whether it be competitive or not, is a great way of dealing with the stresses that inevitably come with Oxford, hence why I’m keen to get as many Exonians involved!
If you’ve got any questions, or suggestions on how I can improve it , don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

Women’s Officer, Bea Alabaster

Bea JCR photo
Hi, I’m Bea, a second year English student, and I’m your Women’s Rep. My primary responsibility is to represent the views and experiences of women in college, as well as providing feminine hygiene products for the JCR toilets and reimbursing the cost of emergency contraception. On top of that, I’m really keen to organise Turl Street women’s welfare teas and other social events in order to create a greater sense of community. I’s also like to expand the provision of feminine hygiene products for JCR members and work more closely with other JCR reps to make the role more intersectional. I’m always available to chat about any ideas or concerns you may have (regardless of your gender identity), so feel free to drop me a message or come up to me in college any time!

Access and Academics Affairs, Naomi Packer

Hi there! I’m Naomi, a first year Lawyer and I’m your Access and Academic Affairs Officer. My role encompasses two main aims, to ensure the students at Exeter are supported academically and that our college is a diverse and welcoming community for both current and future students. I’m in charge of running academic feedback sessions, organising finals forum and I also sit on library committee. I’m also hoping to create an alternative prospectus during my time in this role. Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions, concerns or just fancy a chat – it’d be great to hear from you!

Catering Officer, Noah Alfert


Hellooo! I’m Noah, a 1st year physicist, currently serving as your humble JCR Catering Officer.

My job is to be your go-to for matters concerning food, which are, of course, the most important matters. I represent you to the catering staff, making sure your opinions are heard, and work with them to continually improve both the hall and the services offered within. This means proposing changes to the menu, keeping prices reasonable, suggesting special food events and formals, and striving to balance anything else within this scope.

If you have any ideas, queries, or otherwise, please do drop me a message, and I’ll be happy to talk about it!

Disabilities Rep, Grace Tully

This space to be updated soon.

Domestic and Accommodation, Avanish Parmessur


Hi, I’m Avanish, an Engineering Fresher and your current Domestic & Accommodation Officer. My role is (i)to ensure that everyone can get all the information and advice needed regarding housing arrangements for the next terms (ii) to minimise if not remove, any factors within the college that impede your comfort, ease, hygiene, or health at Exeter. Since we students have a big list of (important??) stuff to worry about, my role is to write ‘accommodation’ off that list or at least try my best to do so. Also, as promised before being elected, I will try to conduct more talks for various reasons (better communication, efficiency if many people have the same questions etc). Of course, this will depend on the availability of students. Hence, I will try a Doodle poll or some survey to know how often and when really it will be best to conduct any talk. Expect a lot of emails as well. My advice is to have separate folders in your uni mail and set up all the rules to keep your stuff organised.

Looking forward to working for the sweetest college in Oxford. Have a good term. Feel free to contact me on fb or email.


International Student Rep, Kimberley Chiu

To be updated soon
MAD Rep, Natacha Lee

Natacha JCR photo

Hi! I’m Natacha, second year linguist and your Music, Art, Dance and Drama Rep! My role is to organize and assist you in any arts-related events and workshops in college as well as provide any information on college or university societies and events on the Oxford music, art, dance and drama scene. Whether you have or haven’t picked up an instrument, paintbrush, playscript or a pair of dancing shoes before, there’s something arty for everyone here at Exeter: arts and crafts, life drawing, open-mic nights, recital evenings, photography walks, theatre trips, you name it! I also help co-ordinate the Turl Street Arts Society and the annual Turl Street Arts Festival with the other Turl street colleges, Jesus and Lincoln.

OUSU Rep, Laura Pole


Hi everyone, I’m Laura, a first year historian and your new OUSU rep. My job is to be the liaison between the Student Union and Exeter, so I attend fortnightly meetings in OUSU to represent and vote on behalf of the college. I plan to gage college opinions throughout the year using polls, and will continue with my predecessor’s chocolate incentives for voting! I also want to publicise all the brilliant services and campaigns that OUSU runs as opportunities for Exonians to get involved in.

Feel free to get in touch with me with any questions or ideas you might have

LGBTQ Rep, Johanna Moiseiwitsch

Johanna JCR photo

Hi, I’m Johanna, I’m a second year English and French student, and I’m one of your LGBTQ+ reps! It’s my job to represent and ensure the welfare of the LGBT community in our college, as well as running events like drinks and the annual formal. I’m excited to work with everyone to ensure that Exeter is as welcoming and inclusive as possible, both for new and returning students. If you ever want to talk about anything, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email, or you can always come and speak to me in person around college. I would love to hear from you!

LGBTQ Rep, Matthew Bonmarito

Matthew JCR photo

Hi, I’m Matthew, a second year Englishist. As your LGBTQ+ rep, it is my role to represent members of the LGBTQ+ community in the JCR, act as an additional welfare resource for those who need someone to talk to, and organise different LGBTQ+ events throughout the year (including our fortnightly college LGBTQ+ drinks). I am always available to chat, so feel free if you ever have any questions, concerns, or anything else (even if it’s not LGBTQ+ related) and I will help in whatever way possible.

College Tortoise Guardian, Sam Slater

Jason Webber

…to be updated

Williams Representative

…to be updated