Information on Health and Welfare, including who to contact if you are ill, is available on the College website at http://www.exeter.ox.ac.uk/currentstudents/healthandwelfare 

If you are struggling with financial hardship, please contact the Academic Registrar, Emily Eastham, in the College Office.

The JCR is also responsible for providing some Welfare services in College.

Welfare Tea is held on Tuesday Afternoon in the JCR, between 3-5pm. Free tea, coffee, juice and food is available in the JCR. This event is very well attended, so be prepared to squeeze in to the front!


Free condoms, lubricant and dental dams are available downstairs in Staircase 6, opposite the Male and Female JCR toilets (on the windowsill) These condoms are primarily intended for those who have not had the opportunity to purchase their own contraceptives. Latex free condoms are also available, but are only to be used by those with allergies.

Purchases of the morning after pill are always reimbursed by the JCR. Please contact the JCR Welfare Officers, Tom Taylor or Alice Osborne.

Welfare Officers

Hi everyone, we’re Lottie and Sam-your welfare reps for 2015-2016.

Exeter College is an incredible place which has a truly unique sense of community. We welcome students from all around the world with completely different life experiences and knowledge. Some of you will find it very easy to slot into life at Exeter and others of you will take longer to settle in but everyone gets there in the end! It is important to remember that there are lots of people in college that are around to have a chat. The chaplain invites anyone to organize a meeting with him to chat about college life, the peer supporters are all happy to talk and of course we are ready to have a cup of tea, give you a hug, or talk through something you’re worried about.

In addition to being trained confidential listeners, we can also direct you to university wide services such as the counselling service and if you would rather not to talk to anyone in college, this year we are teaming up with Queens college, so that you can talk to their welfare officers if you would rather not talk to someone close to home.

We run sexual consent workshops for freshers in freshers week, and continue to support student’s sexual health with a supply of free condoms by the JCR toilets. We also reimburse students for the morning after pill if they email one of us to supply them with the money.

Furthermore, we are trying a new scheme to start the C card scheme which allows free condoms to be accessed outisde the university in many shops such as Boots within Oxfordshire-this allow the opportunity to personalise your supply too.

One of the most important events of the week is Welfare Tea which will be your opportunity to enjoy 2 hours of free food and to request your favourite items for next week! There are many more plans in the pipelines, such as Family Dinner and Welfare Outing, so do watch this space!

Please do contact us if you have any questions, however big or small!

Lottie Mitchell 07443223349 charlotte.mitchell@exeter.ox.ac.uk

Sam Zhang 07934436579 sam.zhang@exeter.ox.ac.uk


Peer Support

Starting at university should be an amazing experience. However, we know that sometimes uni life isn’t perfect and you may need someone to talk to. When things aren’t going smoothly the peer support team are here to help. We are a group of students, trained by the university to be there for you, when you need it. If work is getting too much, 5th week blues are too blue or if you just feel lonely and in need of a chat, we are the ones to get in touch with. Whether you would like a chat over coffee or a proper sit down, we don’t judge, push or tell. Whatever is worrying you, be it big, small or somewhere in the middle, we will be happy to listen.

Katie Ramsden

Peer Support Coordinator



Homesickness can be a real issue for people starting out at university and it’s something that maybe a lot of people feel uncomfortable talking about to their friends, yet so many students suffer from it. OUSU (Oxford University Student Union) has therefore made a guide for how to tackle homesickness which has some really useful tips which we’d definitely recommend looking at if you are feeling at all like this: https://ousu.org/advice/life-welfare/homesickness/
Similarly, we are always on hand if you’d ever like someone to talk to!
-Tom and Alice!