Sport makes up a huge part of Exeter life and, for a relatively small college, Exeter has a tradition of punching well above its weight. Among the highlights of the 2013/14 season was the mens Football 1st Team winning Cuppers in the final at Iffley against St. Catz, as well as Athletics winning a keg of beer to share with Roger Bannister in their Trinity Term Cuppers. The Cricket team reached the semi finals of Cuppers, despite being relegated to the bottom division in the same season. And although the Boat Club may have got bumped a lot in Summer Eights, they had a lot of fun at Boat Club Dinner and racked up a lot of fines from college (oops).

One of the hardest moments of last year was when one of our croquet teams played their first round in the league against a formidable opponent, who were reportedly all clad in red trousers, and unfortunately lost with a  score of 1 out of the possible 45.

So far in 2014/15 the mens Football 2nd team have won their league and the rowing team are still getting up at 5am to row (apparently).

The Exeter College Boat Club also enjoys termly success in Oxford’s boat races.

ECNC Exeter's Netball Club

There is an amazing variety of teams in Exeter, from the more widely known team sports to slightly more niche ones such as bar sports and croquet, and there is always scope to set up something new.

If you have any questions about university sport, or if there’s something you want bringing to the college’s attention please email me

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