Past Execs

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Below is some information on past members of the JCR executive.


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Date Role Name
2013 President, Equalities Edward Nickell
2013 Treasurer Sam Whiteley (Samuel)
2013 Secretary Nico Marsh (Nicholas)
2013 Domestic & Accom. Fiona Potter
2013 Charities & Env. Abigail Tyer
2013 Equalities Alice Nutting
2012-2013 Male Welfare Thomas Coy
2012-2013 Female Welfare Lara Bryan
2012-2013 Entz Millie Simpson
2012-2013 Entz Charlotte Greene
2013 Amalgas Ralph Eliot
2013 Access & Academic Laura Spence
2012-2013 MAD Owen Donovan


President – Edward Nickell


I’m Edward and I’m your JCR President. My job is primarily to represent undergraduates at Exeter to the rest of ‘the College’ – meaning the graduates, fellows and staff. This mostly involves spending large amounts of time on Nexus (trying to forward as much as possible to other people) dealing with lots of behind the scenes emails, or sitting on College committees (of which there are many!) Rent negotiations and liaising with the Junior Dean are particularly significant parts of my job. I get involved with anything OUSU or the wider university requires of us so you don’t have to.

I also help co-ordinate everything the rest of your JCR officers and JCR members in general are doing and hopefully provide a bit of direction to this many headed beast. This normally takes the form of just being a point of contact for students who have ideas, concerns or queries. Sometimes it takes the form of action through JCR meetings and Executive meetings.

Treasurer – Sam Whiteley

Hi, I’m Sam and I’m JCR Treasurer, an elected officer of the JCR Executive Committee.

First and foremost, I’m responsible for overseeing the financial running of the JCR and making sure that the interests of the JCR are being prioritised in this running. The Treasurer acts as the custodian of the JCR accounts, and is accountable for their maintenance and accuracy.

The JCR Treasurer mediates the JCR’s preferences and concerns regarding college finance to the Governing Body of the college—on those matters outside of, but effecting, the JCR for example. Any member of the JCR with any question about college finance has the Treasurer as the first port of call. Members of the Executive Committee liaise directly with the Governing Body and the MCR Committee in meetings.

Lastly, the Treasurer acts as a second-in-command to the President. So, if the President is absent or otherwise unable to fulfil their role at any point, the Treasurer will stand in for them.

Secretary – Nico Marsh

Hey I’m Nico, I’m the JCR’s secretary.

My job basically involves keeping you all up to date on what is happening in the college and around the university.

If you have any questions about JCR meetings – e.g. How to submit a motion… Please feel free to ask.




Amalgamated Sports Officer – Ralph Eliot

Hello there, I’m Ralph and I’m the sports monkey. I’m here to oversee the college’s vast range of sports teams, publishing their successes and making sure people are aware of all the incredible activities that they can participate in during their time at Oxford.

Being involved in one of Oxford’s multitude of sporting clubs offers a valuable sanctuary from the sometimes dark and dreary world of essay deadlines and tutes, and I would like to see as many Exeter people as possible throwing themselves into both college and Oxford sport. Exeter has a tradition of punching well above its weight in terms of sporting achievement and I would like to see these successes continued.

I run in a circle (athletics) for Oxford and also play most of the college sports so if you have any questions about anything sport related either find me at the Exeter Pitches (Fortress Exon) during gametime, look me up on Myspace or, failing that, email me at ralph.eliot [at] exeter…


Access & Academic Affairs Officer – Laura Spence

Hi everyone, I’m Exeter’s Access & Academic Affairs Officer.  My job splits into two main roles:

1. I organise the team of College Ambassadors, finding volunteers to take school tours, and help out with Taster Days.

2. I’m your point of contact if you have any Academic issues – I can either speak to the Academic Dean for you, or put you in touch with the relevant people.

Charities & Environment Officer: Abi Tyer

Abigail is at once responsible for promoting environmentally-friendly practices, working with College to promote recycling and energy saving and also for organizing charity events in college.