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Housing Ballot Rules

Exeter College Housing Ballot Rules


This document will be used by JCR Secretaries and JCR Domestic and Accommodation Officers along with the Sub-Rector and Accommodation Manager to organise the housing ballots and room allocations for future years. This document is part of the JCR Constitution. To alter any of it, a motion must pass through the JCR.


The rooms that are available for JCR members.

The accommodation available for JCR members in second, third or fourth years are the rooms available on the main College site; Staircase 15; Stapledon House; Cohen Quad; two friendship houses at Exetr House, (one nine-person house and one six-person house); and Williams College.


The friendship housing on Iffley Road (Stapeldon House)

The JCR Secretary will send an email before the housing ballot, which will take place in 7th week of Michaelmas Term, to the JCR mail list. This email will include a description of all accommodation on Exeter College sites. The first four groups of nine, nine, eight and seven to respond to this email, listing all JCR members who want to live in the Iffley Road friendship houses, will be allowed to live in these houses. These people will subsequently be removed from the Housing Ballot. Any form of contact with the Accommodation Manager before the email is sent out will not be accepted.


Staircase 15

The six rooms in Staircase 15 must be signed for by a current first, second or third year. There will be maximum provisions taken to avoid a first year incoming undergraduate living in a Staircase 15 room. The six rooms in Staircase 15 are simply an extension of those in College. In any emails sent to the JCR detailing the number of rooms available in College it will always be made clear the number of rooms in Staircase 15 and the number of rooms in the main college site.


Rooms available on the main site of Exeter College

The JCR Secretary will send an email in 6th week of Michaelmas Term to all JCR members detailing precisely how many rooms are available in the College site for the next academic year. This will detail how many single rooms are available and how many double sets are available on the main college site. There will usually be seven sets available. It will also make it extremely clear the difference between the number of rooms on the main college site and the number of rooms available including Staircase 15.


Exeter House

There will be fifteen bedrooms available at this site, in Blocks G & B and this information will also be sent out by the JCR Secretary in 6th week Michaelmas Term.


Williams House

The Accommodation Manager will send out an email at the beginning of 7th week to the JCR with information about this house, Williams College and an application form. Anyone who is interested applies direct to Williams. The JCR members will be interviewed and shown around the accommodation and the final decision is made by Williams College.


JCR members who have particular requirements

Those JCR members who have particular requirements which make it essential for them to have a room in College must contact the Sub-Rector explaining why they have a particular requirement for a certain room by Sunday 2nd week in Hilary Term. If these students are granted the rooms in College, they will be put on the housing ballot, but remain anonymous. Those students who may realise after this deadline that they need a room in College will need to contact the Sub-Rector explaining why they need a room in College and why they missed the deadline. It will then be up to the discretion of the Sub-Rector to grant this person a room in College or not. Exeter College is committed to the welfare of all of its members and will do the upmost to cater for everyone’s needs.


The Organ Scholar

The Organ Scholar will be granted a room in College and will not be positioned on the housing ballot.


The President’s Room

The JCR President may claim for the JCR President’s Room (any room s/he chooses) after s/he has been elected in 6th week Michaelmas. The new JCR President will be given a week to decide if s/he wants to take up their room for the following year. If they decide to, then their name will be taken off the Housing Ballot by the JCR Secretary and those remaining on the ballot list will be informed.


If the JCR President does not take up his/her room, a room will be available for other members on the housing ballot for the next academic year. The original quota of single rooms will remain the same but it might not be the case that another member of the JCR will be able to have that room for the next year.


The Housing Ballot

The housing ballot will take place in the Dining Hall in 7th week MT. The housing ballot will take place in public and be prepared by the JCR Secretary. Excel will be used for the random ordering process and this process will be watched by the JCR President, Accommodation Manager and Junior Dean.


Leavers will not be included and will not be placed on the housing ballot. Every other member of the JCR (except the Organ Scholar) will be assigned a point, on the grounds of:


One pointers: All first years, except those who will be abroad during their second year

Three pointers: All second years (apart from second year Classicists), third year Classicists and third year linguists on their year abroad.

Two pointers: Others


Three pointers will be positioned above two pointers and two pointers above one pointers. The ranking between members with the same points will be random.


After the housing ballot, an email will be sent to the JCR with the housing ballot.


The housing ballot will close for 3 pointers on Friday 1st week HT and for two and one pointers on Wednesday 2nd Week HT.


Removing your name from the ballot

If a member wants to remove their name from the ballot after it has been drawn, then they need to email (a separate email address will be provided) the JCR Secretary confirming that this is what they want to do. The JCR Secretary will only accept correspondence from the member who wants to be removed from the ballot.


If a member removes him/herself from the ballot and then asks to be put back on the ballot, they can be, but only at the bottom of the entire ballot.


Double sets

After the housing ballot has been drawn, there will initially be a one week opportunity for every member of the housing ballot to be withdrawn. At the beginning of 7th week, the housing ballot will be sent again to all members of the JCR. The ranking of the members sent in this message will be the positions used to calculate which pairs will be successful in applying for double sets.


If two people want to live together, irrespective of sex, they need to contact the JCR Secretary after the Housing Ballot has been re-sent to everyone in 7th week. A deadline will be given for pairs to apply.


The current ranking of those two people will be added together and the smallest scores of those applying for double sets will be chosen, with the smallest scorers having first preference for double set and so on. The names of the successful fourteen members of the JCR will be removed from the housing ballot by the JCR Secretary.


In case of a draw, the pair with the smallest individual score will be successful.


During this period, the housing ballot will only be frozen in the sense that it will be those rankings at the beginning of 7th week will be used to allocate the double sets. Members of the JCR may still withdraw their names from the housing ballot during this week, and any alterations will be shown at the end of the week after the allocation for double sets has been decided.


Those unsuccessful in applying for a double set will remain on the ballot unless they request otherwise.


Viewing Rooms

There will be two room viewing days, one in 8th week MT and one in 1st week HT. During these days current members who occupy rooms in College have to show their room to another member if that member has contacted them asking to see that room. This includes rooms at Stapledon House. The JCR Secretary will make it clear which days these will be.


Room Signing

Room Signing will take place on Saturday 2nd Week HT in a room to be confirmed. The room signing event will be carried out by the current JCR Secretary (who begins the role in HT), the previous JCR Secretary, the JCR Domestic and Accommodation Officer and the College Accommodation Manager. The JCR President will be available in case of any problems that arise on the day.


On Monday 8th Week MT and Friday 1st Week HT, a list of all the rooms available for JCR members to sign for will be sent by the JCR Secretary. It will be noted that the list sent on Monday 1st week HT will only be a provisional set of rooms. This email will also confirm the exact number of rooms available for members.


JCR members will be able to sign for any room, keeping to the number of rooms allocated on the College main site and Staircase 15. Each member of College who is still on the housing ballot will be given a 2 minute time slot for them to sign for their room for the next academic year, in order of where they came in the final housing ballot. The first people to sign for their rooms will be the seven successful pairs for double sets.


If a JCR member is unable to sign for their room that day, they must have previously contacted the new JCR Secretary by email stating who they want to sign for them instead.


If a JCR member or person signing for that member misses the slot, that person’s name will drop to the bottom of the entire housing ballot and will be allocated a new time at the end of the day. If that person then does not turn up at the new slot, the JCR Secretary will allocate them a remaining room, if there are any bedrooms available. The JCR Secretary will then email this person to tell them which room they have been allocated and a deadline will be given for replying back to the JCR Secretary to confirm they want this room. If this confirmation is not received by the dated stated on the e-mail, this person will be fined £300.


Once a room has been signed for by a JCR member on room signing day, they cannot change their mind and sign for another room on that day. Any enquiries about changing rooms after room signing day must be made to the Accommodation Manager. It is permissible for that JCR member to find a mutual swap with another person who has signed for a room in College, whether on the main site, Staircase 15, Cohen Quad or Stapledon House. They must contact the Accommodation Manager to do this and it will be at the discretion of the Accommodation Manager to allow this.


On the room signing day, it is the duty of the new JCR Secretary to provide the floor plans of Stapledon House so that members are clear which rooms are which. The grades of the rooms in College, Cohen Quad and Stapledon House will also be made clear, and the page in the Red Book which shows the cost for each rent will also be available. It must be noted that the Red Book will not be an accurate price of the cost of the rooms for the next year, but will be a good indicator.


The new JCR Secretary has the duty of returning the signed room list to the Accommodation Manager.


Situations which can arise after the Room Signing Day


“What happens if a Fresher doesn’t achieve the required grades or a linguist drops out after room signing day– could I move into that room in College or Cohen Quad?”

If you remove yourself from the ballot, you remove your chance from taking one of these rooms. After the prospective first years have received their grades, the Accommodation Manager will email the highest ranking person on the housing ballot who has signed for a room at Stapeldon House giving them one day to accept for a room in College main site or Cohen Quad. If this person does not accept the room, then a room will be offered to the next person on the housing ballot and so on.
If any situation arises which is not covered by this document, the solution will be left to the discretion of the JCR Secretary and Sub-Rector, with the help and advice of the Accommodation Manager. It will be the duty of the JCR Secretary to add any solutions found to this document so that in the future more eventualities are covered for.