Weekly hall menus and other catering information will be posted here during term time.

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Meal times

Breakfast 8 – 10am Weekdays The Undercroft Bar No booking
Lunch 12.30 – 2pm Weekdays Hall No booking
First Hall 6pm Weekdays and Saturday (6.15pm on Sunday) Hall No booking
Second Hall 7.15pm Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday Hall – Gown Book on UPay by noon the day before and 1.30pm on Friday for Sunday
Formal Hall 7.15pm Wednesday Hall – Suit and gown Book on UPay by noon the day before
Brunch 11am – 12pm Weekends Hall No booking

This week’s catering information

At Finance and Estates committee this week we were asked to find out what the student body thinks is a fair and reasonable price for meals.  If you could complete this very brief survey for the Finance and Estates committee, we would all be very grateful.

The link is below, you need to sign in with you exet#### username and password. Then click on “Respond to this Survey”


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