What do we do?

The JCR Committee are the liaison point between the management team of Exeter College and the undergraduate population. It is our job to listen to and act on students’ concerns, so a lot of our time is spent fighting for rent reductions, making the case for cheaper pints in the college bar, and complaining about rooms being too cold. If there is something you want to raise but don’t know which officer to speak to, you can always email the JCR President directly, at jcrpresident@exeter.ox.ac.uk

What follows is a complete list of the Exeter College JCR Committee, as it stands in Hilary Term, 2023:

Executive Committee

President: Freddie Crichton-Miller

Treasurer: Chloe Abulencia

Operations Committee

Vice President/Secretary: Kerensa Pickering

Catering: Jasmine Ashworth

Social Media: Ruby Rowlands

International Students Rep: Rayvell Wijaya

Environment and Ethics: Faith Mackintosh

Domestic and Accommodation: Matt Holland

Welfare and Equalities Committee

Vice President for Welfare: Tanay Mukherjee

Class Reps: Sophie Kitchen, Evan Burke, Olivia Clarke

Welfare Reps: Misha Pemberthy, Olive Agnes

Mental Health and Disabilities: Kathleen Lai

LGBTQ+ Rep: Jess Leunig

Women’s Rep: Electra Goodwin

BAME Rep: Deborah Ogunnoiki

Access and Admissions: Jacob Newman

Events and Activities Committee

Vice President for Events: Mara Harris

Entz Reps:  Abi Harper, Sonya Luchanskaya, Libby Cowan,

Amalgas: Rhiannon Procktor

Music, Arts, Drama Officer: Emma Little

Charities (RAG): Hikaru Hayakawa

Tortoise Officer: Thea Edwards