Front Quad (Staircases 1-8)


The GCR is to the left as you enter staircase 6, which houses 4 computers and a laser printer. It is open from 8am-midnight.

The physical enclosure on the ground floor between staircases 5 and 6 is the JCR.

Margary ‘Back’ Quad (Staircases 9-14)

Reflection of chapel spire in staircase 12 window

Laundry facilities are available beneath staircase 10. Six washing machines and six tumble driers are provided and maintained by the college.

The college has a music practice room located beneath staircase 14, which features an electric piano and drumkit. You can get the key from the lodge. The Gym is located in staircase 11 and can be from accessed from 8am-10pm.

Blue Book

Red Book

If you have any issues check these two resources first (ctrl+f is your friend!).

If you have any queries regarding College accommodation and facilities or have suggestions for improvement, please drop an email at .

Stay tuned for info on living out in second year, which the D&A Officer will talk about over Michaelmas. If you have any questions or concerns do get in touch!


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