Art Classes, Culture Crawl

Art Workshops

The O2 Academy have (provisionally) agreed to sponsor some art classes during Michaelmas. I need to get an idea of numbers before we get any further, so if you’re interested please hit reply, although it’s not a commitment yet. I’m hoping to get a few different artists in to give classes such as life drawing, oil painting, acryllic painting etc, depending on interest and funding etc.

Maggie’s Charity Culture Crawl

If you want to get your creative juices flowing before term even starts, do the Maggie’s Culture Crawl around London on the 20th September. You get a trip around the London eye, tea and cakes, exclusive access to the top floor of the Gherkin, and will be entertained by the best new dancers and artists, and are donating to a great charity to boot. Exeter students get a £15 discount, just type FRIEND into the discount box.

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